Bogen Voice Reinforcement

Bogen Enhancer:

The Sound Solution for Every Classroom

Bogen Enhancer

Bogen Enhancer Systems use wireless, infrared technology to transmit the speaker's voice from the microphone to a receiving unit. The system then amplifies the audio and delivers it to strategically positioned audio speakers installed in the ceiling or on the walls. A/V equipment such as projectors, televisions, or computers can also be connected to the Bogen Enhancer system to ensure the clear and equal transmission of audio throughout the classroom.

The Enhancer system puts no demand on the teacher since it is easy to use and takes up little space in the classroom. In addition, technology has become so common in today's culture that children readily accept audio amplification in the classroom and do not consider it intrusive. In fact, students seem to participate more readily as they are eager for an opportunity to use the microphone.

Sound In Today's Classrooms Bogen Enhancer audio amplification systems can be easily installed in new building construction as well as to retrofit existing schools. It works equally well in traditional or open classroom environments. With the Enhancer's flexible design, any application or physical environment can be addressed with a single system solution from Bogen.

More and more schools are using audio amplification systems in their classrooms in an effort to ensure that teachers are easily heard. Two pieces of legislation mandating the use of these systems have already passed. Ohio has mandated that new school construction, as well as rooms used by special needs students, have audio amplification. In Orange County, Florida, all classrooms for K-12 students require audio amplification.